The Eddie Lacy Project

As a Seattle Seahawks fan, when my iPhone buzzed and I saw the notification that we had signed Eddie Lacy I just shook my head.  Not out of disgust or excitement, but with a “what in the world did we just do?” I almost had to get on Twitter just to make sure the ESPN app wasn’t malfunctioning.  But before I could even fire up the Twitter app, I had about 5 text messages from friends asking me what I thought so I guess it had to be true.  The Seattle Seahawks had signed Cheeseburger Eddie.

All these scenarios were running through my head, from how does he help this team, to how business for Dick’s Restaurants is going to go through the roof.  So I decided to pour a beer and start digging into the specifics of this deal. After looking into the details, it all started to make a lot more sense.

They signed Lacy to a 1 year deal worth $5.55 million with $3 million of that guaranteed.  As you say that out loud, for a running back that ran for 1,178 yards with 11 TD’s, set the Packers all-time rookie rushing record and went to the Pro Bowl his rookie season, it doesn’t sound that bad.  It sounds even better after digging deeper into this deal I found that there is a $385,000 incentive for him to make weight.  If the Seahawks organization has shown anything in the past, it is that players really do enjoy playing for the organization so his motivation could be extremely high.  I am by no means saying this guy will be any type of second coming of “BeastMode”, but for the price the Hawks got him for you can literally say he is a poor mans Marshawn Lynch.  The Packers let this guy go for a one year “prove to us you want to play” contract.  Either they know something the Hawks do not and decided to let him go, or Lacy just wants to play for a more player friendly coach.  Either way, I am going to enjoy sitting back, drinking a beer and watching big boy run.

In my opinion the upside to this deal far outweighs the downside.  If he shows up and cannot fit into pads, oh well.  If he shows up lean and mean and wants to prove to his ole’ pal Aaron Rodgers that he wasn’t a waste of a second round draft pick, this deal is going to end up a huge bargain for the Hawks.

And that is exactly how the Seattle Seahawks franchise likes to roll.



2 thoughts on “The Eddie Lacy Project

  1. Well done my friend. Having the courage to spew your thoughts, on sports or any subject, into cyberspace should be considered an act of bravery these days. Sharing your opinion can get you crucified (I have first hand knowledge of this). Keep it going! When you hit the big time, it’d be fun to say that I got to leave the first comment on your first blog post.

    P.S. “Dick’s is the place were the cool hang out, the Swass like to play and the rich flaunt clout.” – Sir Mix Alot (and soon to be Eddie Lacy)

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